Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Day Before

First ever blog entry. It is Saturday May 16 in Long Island and I am up early trying to get everything done before I leave for London tomorrow evening. Dirty clothes from last semester are still laying in my living room, yet to make their way upstairs into the wash so that has to be done. Still have not purchased a back pack, that is on the to-do list today. So, for the update I have done pretty much nothing this week, relaxed, played some golf, hungout with the girlfriend a lot and some other friends, and now getting ready to see what London and Scotland has to offer. Cannot wait to see some old school golf courses.


  1. Played golf??? You bastard. I haven't hit the links yet, but will definitely do when I get back to the States. See you in a couple days... in LONDON!

  2. your on a plane in the sky!!! england baby eat some fish and chips drinks some brews and have fun u jew