Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Safely in London

It has been close to two days since my last post, although yesterday seemed much longer than one day. Still, the trip could not have gone more smoothly. I have now spent the better part of two days in London and must say I am really enjoying myself. The people are kind, the town of Chelsea is very laid back and Professors Parkhurst and Scully are doing a great job. The food has been surprisingly decent despite Barry's opinion and the beer has been very good. I have a 500 word paper due tomorrow and hopefully I can squeeze in some time to go to a Pub tonight.

p.s. Drivers in London are worse than Florida and New York combined. It seems like they don't care if they drive right over you. Makes crossing the street very interesting, even if you do look both ways. 


  1. i am definatley going to tickle your pickle when you get home

  2. babe i miss you so much<3 at least the foods not as bad as you thought from Barry haha. be careful crossing the street ;) love you!